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  1. #2201
    ITALERI объявили конкурс хотелок на своём сайте и на мордакниге.

    Dear Friends,
    after our surveys dedicated to “Show Trucks” and to the “Back Again” series, now we would like to involve you directly to understand, thanks to your ideas and your advice, which could be the “100% completely new” scale model kits that you would like to see in our catalogues for the future.

    Military Vehicles : new ideas and proposals: now it's up to you.
    Here a images selection of yours proposals we have received. The final ranking will be done on the number of "I Like" that you will assign to each proposal within 6 September (10 p.m. GMT +1). The more likes, the higher ranks. Express yours preferences. Furhermore you have time up to 3rd September to vote for Aircrafts and Helicopters. Ciao.

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    Обзор Т-14 от панды
    Последний раз редактировалось Luty; 05.09.2016 в 05:19.

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    RODEN from Ukraine future releases:

    809 1/35 M42 3/4-Ton 4x4 Command Truck

    810 1/35 Opel 3.7-47 Blitz Stabswagen Omnibus
    Последний раз редактировалось Luty; 07.09.2016 в 03:05.

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    Тестовая сборка новинок от бронко

    ... африканского штуга Ц/Д (с инструкцией)

    и, с пошаговыми фото процесса, танкетки с солотурном

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    Обзор Тора от панды. Фото инструкции, литников и крупных деталей. ДНИЩЕ ПОПРАВИЛИ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Customscale "what-if" anti-aircraft rocket project based on E-100 chassis.
    35062 - Flugabwehrraketen Rheintochter R-III mit Abschussbasis auf E-100 Conversion

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    Подробнее о "новинке" от итальери...
    ...The 6533 ACAV version of the kit is a combination of the basic M113A1 parts from Italeri plus two armament trees from the Academy 1/35 M113 ACAV kit.

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    Теперь и в 1/35

    And next news for September
    Plusmodel Cat.No. 458 Multicar M22 - 1/35

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