Here is a great 10 minute of F-15 operational video that I think you-all will enjoy. I understand that the Russian will be coming to "Red Flag" this year, so that will be quite interesting I am sure. I have enjoyed your great website and I wish I could read Russian, as I am sure there is alot of great info that I could read.
My interest is in the IT-122/54 Tank Destroyer, Lavochkin La.9/La.11 piston-engined fighter, La.15 jet fighter, Soviet SKS-45 semi-auto rifle (history and development for a book) , T-54/55 and T-64 Series MBT.and the Mig.17 series jetfighter (most beautiful fighter in the air)

F-15 video:
I look forward to hearing from some of the english speaking members.
I was a crewchief (aircraft mechanic) on F-102A Delta Dagger, F-101b Voodoo and F4C Phamtom II (1960-1978). I worked for Eastern Airline and American Airlines 1968 to 2004 when I retired in maintenance department in Miami, Fl. American Airlines.

Robert "Tex" Hanes