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    10,5 cm StuH 42 Ausf G early - (1:35, Tamiya)

    10,5 cm StuH 42 Ausf G early

    1:35, Tamiya

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    Получилось здорово! Пожалуй это лучшая Ваша работа! Только задние запасные траки нового образца с насечками, думаю, не к месту...

    It turned out great! Perhaps this is your best work! Only the rear spare tracks of the new sample with notches, I think, out of place ... The text is translated by the computer, sorry.

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    Hello Gennady

    yes, you are right ... I've mixed the tracklinks ... I really did not know if this would be really a mistake, cause the tracks differ only from the production date and it would be possiby to see pics using winter-, or Ostkette and the spare tracks are not the same type ...

    With best regards
    Tiocfaidh ar la