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published 2006-07-24
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Sd.Kfz 231 (8-Rad)
Roden 1:72
Sergej Golikov
aka Сергей Голиков
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   Presumably, it is the armoured car from 15 Pz.Div., DAK, North Africa, 1942.
   The first model from a line SdKfz.231 from Roden (Kiev, Ukraine).
   Forward armor screen (Pakschutze), a gun barrel KWK-30, commander hatch, gun mask, all jalousie and hatches engine compartment, exhaust system, big boxes for the tool kit, headlights, dimensional moustaches, a bucket, aerial - have been made independently.
   The hull and turret also have undergone to correction: welded seams, rain козырьки, bullet stop rods, wheel niches, a suspension bracket, wheels disks have been made.
   Has been in addition used aftermarket:
   1. photoetching mesh from ACE;
   2. parts of Extratech photoetching;
   3. wire rope from Karaya;
   4. ammunition from Preiser (Wermacht infantry kit);
   5. Dry decal Micro World/Mig.
   Has finished painting by use of oil paints, acrylic paints from Zvezda and pastel Tamiya weathering master A/B.