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До новых встреч на наших конкурсах. Удачи.
published 2014-09-25
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July 1941
Trumpeter 1:35
Gleb Koptev
aka Benzin
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   Hello, this is my first diorama.
   As a base I used penoplex. Trumpeter's KV-2 was supplemented by two sets of photoetching Aber 35144 and ET Model C35-018, also I was bought the barrel RB Model 35B44. Figures - Trumpeter kit number 411, boxes and shells from MiniArt 35076. Fence and bench by Mashtab.
   The build and painting processes are here, but there isn't English translation and i decided to describe the bulk of the work on the tank here. During the assembly were fixed all the most important shortcomings of the model kit, and improved detailing of model, but very visible mistake I made - spoiled and not soldered shelve flanges.
   During the painting were used Tamiya and Mr. Hobby acrylics from the airbrush and Vallejo by the brush, for example to paint chips. Weathering is made according to the usual pattern: filter - fading - wash - chips - pigments. However, when the model was painted and even installed to a diorama, I decided that something was missing. And added streaking grime for green vechicles and dust streaks.
   Figures painted with Vallejo acrylics, many did not work, I have to train.
   Relief made ??with the help of modeling clay. After hardening, I was primed and painted diorama with acrylics Tamiya. Grass by Fredericus-Rex and Gaia Force.
   Happy viewing!