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published 2015-01-13
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Lebedevo, 1941
ICM 1:35
Vitaly SHakhno
aka vitalik31
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Только изредка за толщей дней
Вдруг всплеснёт сирены голос лютый,
Замирая криками детей –
И застынет сердце на минуту…
   Diorama with dimensions of 80 x 60 cm Base made from a sheet of MDF, foam, construction putty. The road from fine sawdust MDF glued on white glue, trees made of perennial flowers(if not mistaken the name of their Stonecrop),dried and dipped into a liquid paste of PVA glue and Wallpaper. The house and barn of the veneer. The stack of hay made from flax. The technique made firm Zvezda and ICM. Civilians firm MB. The military is made of firm ICM, Zvezda, animals from the firm MB. Used paint company Humbrol, Tamiya, oily art.
   The lebedevo village, the administrative center of the Lebedev village Molodechno district, Minsk region, Republic of Belarus.
   From 1941 to 1944 Lebedevo was under Nazi occupation. During the German occupation in the Lebedev existed ghetto was destroyed more than 600 Jews. 24 June 1942 they were driven under the guise of output to work in the barn, which was located 1 km from the Lebedevo towards the village of Markovo and belonged to A. B. Subach, shot and burned together with the barn. The scene was a memorial was erected a monument with Soviet symbols.