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опубликовано 2017-04-12
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4x4 reconnaissance car Panhard P 204 (f)
ICM 1:35
Roland Sorgner
aka major
 просмотр фото в отдельном окне
 просмотр фото в режиме "lightbox"
one of the best 4x4 reconnaissance car of that period
   The Automitrailleuse de Decouverte Panhard modele 1935 or Panhard 178 was one of the advanced french reconnaissance 4x4 armoured car designed for the French Cavalry before World War II. A number of these vehicles were in 1940 taken over by the Germans after the Fall of France and employed as the Panzersp?hwagen P204 (f) for some months after the armistice of June production continued for the benefit of the german Wehrmacht, police and the Waffen-SS
   In 1941 a few of this reconnaissance 4x4 cars was very close to Moskov ... so close that they could see the Kremlin with their binoculars
   - gun barrell by Schatton
   - aerial rod by RB
   - bits and pieces from the scrab-box