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опубликовано 2017-07-30
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A flying Z-9A Dauphin
Dream Model 1:72
Li Jun jie
aka Paladin
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   Hello everyone, this is my latest work and my very first diorama work.
   Z-9 Dauphin is Chinese authorised version of France AS365N dauphin. It is such an advanced helicopter for China in 1980s and play a very very important role in PLA's army air force and Navy air foce.
   I like this cute dauphin very much. So, when I got this kit of Dream Model, a plan of build a diorama of the photo below was growing. And when the painting was about to begun, I told my self, maybe I could try more, like make my chopper look like he is flying!
   So, I got a clear PVC board, cut a circle, then painted four working rotor wings. This part I tried three times. Another part is the grass, I try to make them looks like been blow down. When all finished, last effort is OK for me.
   Thats all, thanks for reviewing. Have a nice modeling for you my friends.