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До новых встреч на наших конкурсах. Удачи.
published 2017-11-27
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On the mountain pass of Afghanistan
ICM 1:35
Denis Kopytin
aka DenisKopytin
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Soviet soldiers changing the wheel of ZiL-131 at the mountain pass in Afghanistan
   Soviet soldiers transporting the things necessary for their brothers in arms from one checkpoint to another. Already at the entrance to the final point, after an unsuccessful run over sharp stones, the front left wheel bursts. A squad of fighters makes an emergency stop to replace the wheel. The mustachioed commander at this time examines the descent, making some notes in his journal. Maybe writing to his beloved, and maybe composing poetry ... Maybe a note to not forget - to replace a broken road-sign, but hardly ... And without this sign he is up to his neck!
   About the diorama:
   My first diorama. The construction time is 1,5-2 years. The end is November 2017.
   A kit of ICM ZiL-131 with motorized rifles No. 35516 "out of the box" was used.
   From scratch: sign (toothpick, thin plastic), wire (thin wire), cargo (parallelepipeds, cylinders of different shapes, covered with waxed paper for baking).
   Paints / varnish - Zvezda, Pigments / washings - ZiP, Filters - oil paints Nevskaya Palette "Sonnet".
   Base - wooden plywood, beads - pvc panels 3mm, landscape - mounting foam, covered with a layer of gypsum.
   Grass - moss, steppe plants.
   I will be glad to hear your comments!