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7  февраля  2019 г.    Закончились очередные финалы по фигурным и авиа номинациям. Призеров и победителей смотрим здесь.
4  февраля  2019 г.    
Сегодня открываем финальные голосования по семи номинациям. Ну и в целом мы приближаемся к финалу. Остались одно голосование второго тура и одно финальное.
Голосуем здесь.

опубликовано 2018-02-06
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GMC with 40 mm Bofors AA Gun
HobbyBoss 1:35
Roland Sorgner
aka major
 просмотр фото в отдельном окне
 просмотр фото в режиме "lightbox"
   Many GMC CCKW 353 trucks were modified for different uses as being the common standard 2.5 ton truck of the US Forces in WWII. This particular variant was unusual as it was almost exclusively used by the Free French Army (equipped by the USA). A total of 32 of these Anti-Aircraft trucks were produced in 1943 by the workshops of the Free French 2nd. Armoured Division. They were manned by the 22nd. Anti-Aircraft Colonial Group of the Free French 2nd. Armoured Division commanded by General Leclerc. They fought in the Normandy Campaign after landing on July 31st., first seeing action at Alencon. Participating in the liberation of Paris, they later fought in the Strasbourg area continuing in service until the end of the war and being credited with downing 17 German aircraft and damaging 6 others. Later they went to Indochina in March 1946 were they were used in the ground support role
   Photoetched parts by Eduard
   Humbrol Enamels