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published 2018-02-23
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Zvezda 1:35
Aleksandr Novikov
aka Михалыч 59
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Один из возможных способов доработать модель.
   Hello, colleagues, modelers. The SU-100 model from the Star was assembled 6 years ago and to this day had a very depressing appearance. I decided to refine to the required level, for this purpose I bought a support rollers kit ZIP 35024, a grille on the MTO from the "World of models", bolts and rivets from the Master Club, trucks from MSD. Finishing:
   Welded seams throughout the body and traces of gas cutting.
   The commander's hatch is refined: low tide, observation slots, stops, bolts, reduced diameter in relation to the base.
   The charging hatch: the wing is made, hinges, stops, stoppers are made.
   Gunner's hatch: torsion bars, restraints, stops.
   Luke m / driver replaced, made a letter "R".
   On the towing hooks made the 4-latch locks.
   The wiring to the headlamp and the sound signal + was drilled.
   Handrails and hinges made of wire.
   Bolts on the rear inclined sheet and behind the felling.
   MTO cover and inclined sheet from Dregon, handle on the round hatch.
   Redesigned fasteners for extra. tanks and brackets + bands and fasteners.
   Head scarves (reinforcement) along the edges of the deckhouse.
   Fastening on back wings.
   Planks for fixing the front wings. Removed the front wings (post-war).
   Has altered a nose part + a beam + a welded seam + a step.
   Bolts-corks on the side gears.
   Has finished both driving wheels.
   Remade the chassis: balancers (axles), rollers.
   Antenna, self-made rope.
   Access hatch on the lower front sheet.
   Hinges on the mask of the gun 2 pieces, the mask is refined.
   I made towing earrings + fasteners.
   The burrs were drilled with spurs.
   The barrel from Tamia, converted into a stove + chimney.
   The box for shells from the Stars is refined: the bottom, locks, handles.
   All the improvements on the photo before painting.
   Painted colors from Valeho, Tamia, Akan, chemistry AK Interactive, pigments MIG and WILDER.
   Thanks to the modelers: Alexander Selemenev, Picasso, Gennady Zavrazhnev for advice and help.
   I invite you to view, your Alexander (Mikhalych).