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опубликовано 2018-05-01
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Jagdpanzer VI Jagdtiger Sd.Kfz. 186
Dragon/Revell 1:35
Roland Sorgner
aka major
 просмотр фото в отдельном окне
 просмотр фото в режиме "lightbox"
produced at the Nibelungenwerk St. Valentin, Austria
   The last Jagdtiger which have leaved the production line should have looked like this model. There are no pics of that large tankhunter ... I've only seen an review at
   Main gun was a 12.8 cm PaK 44 L/55 which could knocked out every allied tank
   Dragon/Revell kit No.3033
   barrels by RB
   PE-parts by Eduard
   spare tracks by Friul
   colors by Ammo of MiG, Humbrol, Revell ...
   I hope you'll like it