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published 2018-05-14
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Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.H (Late)
Dragon 1:35
Aleksandr Novikov
aka Михалыч 59
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   Hello, colleagues, modelers. I bring to your attention the model from Dregon № 6300. The model was assembled about 6 years ago, I paint only now. Almost out of the box, I added a cable, an antenna, a reflector in the Bosch headlamp, springs on the hinged wings, a fastener for the tracks. And it tempts to call the work "Hedgehog in the fog". So, the period of August 1944 in Poland, for that there is confirmation in the form of b / w documentary photo. And interestingly, the Germans used trains from our tanks not only on this tank, at least found a few more black and white photos of German tanks with tracks from 34-ok, so they had confidence that it was more reliable protection.
   Painted paints from Tamia, pigments MIG and WILDER, chemistry AK Interactive.
   As always, everything is close-up!
   I invite you to view, your Alexander (Mikhalych).