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published 2018-10-29
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BMP-3 with DZ "KAKTUS"
Trumpeter 1:35
Vladimir Samoshkin
aka Sam.Vladimir
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   Good morning, comrades modellers. I present to your attention a model BMP-3 with dynamic protection in the 35th scale from the Trumpeter company. Build out of the box with minor modifications. Made triplexes from a CD, replaced trunks with chiseled from Model Point. Information on this modification of the BMP is not much, so I was content with a couple of photos that I found on the Internet. He didn’t get dirty much, he poured a little and put a little bit of dirt from MIG pigments. The fitability of the model is good, the interior is poor, I did not do it. The assembly process can be viewed on my YouTube channel "Army in scale"
   Thank you all for your attention.