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published 2018-12-17
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Tipper truck SISU R500
A&N Model trucks + самодел 1:24
Aleksejs Zamarajevs
aka Alexei
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   I present the model of the tipper truck by Finnish brand SISU. Machines of this type are typical for Finland and almost not supplied to other countries.
   The model started with a resin cab from A&N Model trucks. Since the machine is rare, it was not possible to buy other parts for its construction and it was necessary, with some exceptions, to scratchbuilt everything by myself. As a result, the model is 70 percent selfmade. I got a general drawing of the truck along with the cab kit, and I found the axle drawings on the SISU Axles web page. All the rest of the information had to be collected bit by bit in the Internet. It was not possible to find everything and I had to think out something myself, so I do not pretend to 100% accuracy.