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published 2019-01-08
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Operation "Citadel" 1943
Dragon 1:35
Vyacheslav Petrov
aka Gargyts
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Welcome to all and show your performance of the German medium tank Pz - III from Dragon on the theme of the battle of Kursk (operation "Citadel")
   In this set, the tracks were replaced by metal from the company friulmodel, added resin barrels.
   Painted with paints of Tamiya, Vallejo, Ammo mig. Pigments and texture pastes from AK interactive, ammomig were used. Oil-Abteilung 502.
   Welding of parts using fluid from Tamiya Mark Fit.
   Tinting and painting of caterpillars was carried out with the help of liquids from AK interactive company and copper sulphate was used.