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published 2019-01-08
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TMS-65 on the Ural-375D chassis
ICM 1:72
YUry Mantserov
aka vile
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   Designed for decontamination, decontamination and disinfection of the external surfaces of equipment with a powerful gas and gas-droplet flow,
   It can also be used for decontamination and decontamination of terrain and paved roads.
   Decontamination of military equipment, roads and terrain is carried out in an intermittent gas-droplet flow, which is formed when entering
   water and solutions into the gas stream generated by the VK-1A turbojet engine.
   Also TMS-65 "can" put powerful smoke screens to hide the actions of its troops from observation by the enemy.
   The basis is taken - the Ural from IСM, scale 1:72.Standard chassis and cab modifications: brake and fuel
   tubes, gur, steering thrusters, redone dzk, added handrails for the cabin, headlight protection, the lower pipe on the air intake,
   step on the bumper, replaced the wire mounting mirror and headlight-seeker.
   Add-on homemade plastic, wire and other scrap materials.
   Engine VK-1 from the old stock, wheels from the "tankjgrad", lights "Elf".
   Painting enamels Revell and Mr. Color, wash - oil, dust - pigments MIG and pastel.