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published 2019-01-11
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"New year's visit"
Trumpeter 1:35
Aleksandr ZHarov
aka Лексеич
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   The diorama is devoted to actions of the Soviet reconnaissance group which destroyed in the new year's eve in the German back the car with jet mortar installations. Plot: Soviet intelligence group, going to the rear of the German "language", finds in a railway impasse German platform with rocket-propelled mortars and German soldiers basking by the fire. The commander of the reconnaissance group decided: under the cover of darkness, secretly get close and suddenly attack the enemy soldiers meeting the New year, take the "language", destroy the rocket launchers and their calculation.
   Diorama size 400X300 mm
   In work production of firms is used "Trumpeter", "Tamiya", "Zvezda", "Master Box", "Modellers of Fortune", "Vallejo", "Wilder", "AK".