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published 2019-01-11
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"Let us live and sing"
Zvezda 1:35
Aleksandr ZHarov
aka Лексеич
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   Diorama shows an episode of the concert front concert brigade in the defeated Berlin. On the stage, arranged in the back of the car-lorry, are the performer of folk songs accompanied by a Duo of bayanists. Behind the screens, hiding from the audience, preparing for the performance of a clown with a trained pig. The pig in the German helmet has already taken its place in a wooden tank and is ready to amuse the audience, and the clown left to put on his jumpsuit and wait for his turn in the concert.
   According to the idea, the concert takes place a few weeks after the fall of Berlin, so that the townsfolk and German prisoners of war had time to remove from the streets a lot of garbage.
   Diorama size: 300 x 400 mm.
   In work production of firms "Zvezda", "Master Box", "MiniArt", "Trumpeter", "MSD", "Evolution Miniatures"was used.
   Paint and chemicals: "Citadel", "Vallejo", "Wilder", "AK", "MIG".
   The base, the building and the pavers are self-made. Made of expanded polystyrene, cardboard, veneer and plastic.