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published 2019-01-21
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Stug III F/8 (Early/Brig 243)
Dragon 1:35
Oleg Lebedev
aka Lebedew
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   Friends and colleagues, Hello everyone and happy new year!
   I present to your attention the German assault gun Sturmgeschutz III F / 8 from the 243rd army brigade of assault artillery. Stug refers to the period of the fighting around Stalingrad in the 42nd year of the dragon he was so well positioned for this year. There is no prototype photo, so I had to follow the photos of similar cars of that period. Tried to study the materiel on this self-propelled gun, but stogam always a lot of questions.
   - A set of plastic Dragon 6620
   - Photo Etching Griffon Model L35060
   - Shelves Part
   - Meng Cans
   - Eyreka Barrel
    Gun, trunk, and antenna, But
   - Masterclub Trucks
   - Color AKA
   - MiG and AKA pigments
   - Welds-two-component putty from Tamiya
   Special thanks for the help to my friend Vladimir skorin.
   All pleasant viewing.
   Yours, Oleg.