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2020-02-19    Определились очередные призеры по итогам зрительских голосований. Смотреть здесь.

Открыты 3 финальных голосования в фигурно-диорамных номинациях. До завершения зрительских голосований осталось немного. Ждем итогов голосований 2-го тура в фигурах и минидиорамах, а затем два финала.
Голосовалки здесь.
published 2019-01-21
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RAF Emergency Set (Airfield «Domestic Royal Two» p.1)
Airfix 1:72
Sergej Stasenko
aka Kubancat
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   Have a nice day!
   I present to your court the version of my “home” airfield - “Domestic Royal Two”.
   Airfix has a number of exclusive airport cars (but slightly smaller than 1/72). This part is dedicated to the Royal Emergencies Ministry.
   1. Austin K.2 - ambulance.
   2. Austin K.6 - fire engine.
   This version is nostalgic ...
   When the "trees were small" ... and the mustache was just beginning to grow ... they brought me a set of "Austines" from overseas countries as a gift. In spite of my commitment to Aviation already then, it was assembled ... This couple stood up to the very wires in the SA and was presented on the eve of it (like most of the “toys”) to more young boys. And here again there was a desire to "put into operation" these models ...
   The assembly, as always, was planned out of the box (I’m an aviator, and this is the entourage) ... and as always, it ended with masochism ...
   Out of respect for Queen Elizabeth II (and she served as a nurse on Austin K.2 during the war, recorded on a historical photo) Ambulance received:
   - Wall lockers in the cabin;
   - tripping salon;
   - mirrors;
   - cockpit glazing;
   - wiper blades;
   - rear optics;
   - holder of the rear registration number.
   Fire tender
   Not numerous photos of the prototype were made to add:
   - carbon dioxide fire extinguishers behind the cabin;
   - pipeline to the pumping station and valve on it;
   - valve under the barrel;
   - the handle on the main water carriage;
   - cockpit glazing;
   - wiper blades;
   - mirrors;
   Brutal firefighters manufactured fire hoses with hoses (the length of the material in the roll corresponds to a scaled 20m length).