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published 2019-02-04
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RAF Refuelling Set (Airfield «Domestic Royal Two» p.2)
Airfix 1:72
Sergej Stasenko
aka Kubancat
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...continue my story...
   I want to continue the topic of airfield automotive equipment.
   These are tankers. Model cars, as in the first part, on a scale of 1/76.
   The set includes:
   1. Bedford QL Tanker;
   2. AEC Matador Tanker.
   Without "gag" has not done here ...
   Bedford QL:
   - front and rear ladders of the tank;
   - filling hoses (one with a gun);
   - mounting hoses on trapeak;
   - tool box on the left side;
   - cockpit glazing;
   - wiper blades;
   - mirrors;
   - holders of registration numbers.
   AEC Matador Tanker, here is a bit tired:
   - filling hose with a gun;
   - cockpit glazing;
   - wiper blades;
   - mirrors;
   - headlight;
   - holder of the rear registration number.