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2019-11-01    Очередной 17-й виртуальный конкурс стендовых моделей DiSHow-2019 стартовал.

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Всем удачи!
published 2019-03-04
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Panther G/M10 (Panzer Brigade 150)
Dragon 1:35
Oleg Lebedev
aka Lebedew
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German adventure
   Friends, Hello!
   So operation Greif autumn 1944, the Ardennes. The Germans had to seize the bridges over the Meuse river, for this purpose a sabotage unit (150 tank brigade) was created, which included, according to preliminary data, 2,676 people and a limited number of tanks, jeeps and assault guns. Originally wanted of course that there was only us appliances(28 Sherman tanks, 30 armored vehicles, 120 trucks and 100 jeeps), but almost all of it was destroyed.Since the allied equipment was negligible, it was decided to modify several units of German equipment, including Panther tanks. According to a subversive legend, the Panthers depicted the American M10 from the company" B " 10 tank battalion of the 5th Panzer division of the US army. Because of the information leak, the operation ended in failure for the Germans. During the battle at the checkpoint Malmedy tanks with numbers B4,B5, B7 were stopped, another Panther B10 was shot down at the railway bridge between Melmidi and Falis.
   For a basis was taken prototype Panther B7.
   - Set of plastic Dragon 6561
   - Photo-etching Voyager PE 35339
   - Masterclub Tracks
   - Aber Machine Gun
   - Bucket, antenna base, sleeves from RB
   - Color, filters and pigments from AK
   - Stars through stencil.
   - The exhaust system is a modified Tamiya.
   - Triplex holographic paper.
   In the process of painting was lost forever one decal. The plastic of the tower bulwarks and stern was all crooked, so I had to work hard with the Assembly. The model is supplemented by my improvisation in the form of missing Dolnik, removed some of the rollers, hung a rope and a helmet. On the model there is a color modulation, but it is to give effect, it just would not have time to fade.
   I've always wanted to build this model, and finally the case turned up. This modification in my opinion is very interesting for its "ridiculous" idea, but who knows, maybe it worked.
   All pleasant viewing colleagues.
   Sincerely, Oleg.