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Опубликованы итоги работы жюри по фигурно-диорамным номинациям и номинации "Самоделкины". Победителей и призеров смотрим здесь.

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До новых встреч на наших конкурсах. Удачи.
published 2019-03-04
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Tank Destroyer JagdPanzer E100 "Wotan"
scratchbuild 1:33
Vladimir Eremchuk
aka Whiteguard
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   I present to you the model JagdPanzer E100, in the 33rd scale, made of cardboard. The model was made according to the design of the original E100 chassis, that is, armor plates glued together to a large thickness, assembled into a wedge. Also, various materials were used to reinforce the structure, as axes, sprues — sprues, copper and steel wires of different sections, and meshes from filters. Side screens and barrel guns are made removable for ease of transportation.
   By coloring: primer - Tamiya 87075, Vallejo paints of Model Air palette, Wilder pigments, ZiP, effects - AK, Wilder.
   Inscriptions, numbers and signs drawn by hand.
   The idea for the construction of the model served as the image that arose in my head. I wanted to portray the brutal machine that took part in the hostilities, but for some reason, idle for a relatively long time.
   Thank you for your attention, all the best and success in modeling.