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published 2019-03-11
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Узкоколейный танк-паровоз TYN 6 3636
Самодел 1:20
YUry Sotnikov
aka ulsotnikov
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   The model started difficult, because the development is very detailed and I did not want to simplify something, but decided to add some details according to the information found.
   The scans of the ADW Model magazine on the 25th scale were taken as a basis, but having estimated my vision capabilities, I realized that in the 25th half I wouldn’t do it. Many thanks to Ilya Kotelnikov who helped whiten the scans.
   I printed out the detailing on the A3 format, but in the process of construction it turned out that the dimensions had floated up and had to be thrown out and printed out on A4 in order to redraw in the scale of 1/20.
   For convenience, a copycenter drove me through the sheets of paper with a background so that it was not pure white on the main nodes.
   The model is redrawn completely from the 25th to the 20th scale.
   The construction of the model took almost a year from March 10, 2018. on March 5, 2019
   Now about the sizes and materials
   The model is made in scale 1/20
   Overall dimensions without stand: the length of the hitch is 41 cm, the width of the platform is 12 cm, the height of the edge of the chimney is 17.5 cm
   Thick paper 280g (not Whatman paper), cardboard 0.5mm and 1mm
   Additional material :
   plastic Evergreen tubes, resin rivets from the Master Club, laser-cut bolts and numbers, laser-engraved flooring, trips and nameplates.
   Automotive paint Motyp, Kudo, model paint Tamiya, Valeho (if correctly written), Humbrol polished style for the runner part of the wheels and rail.
   He painted the car paints with an airbrush by bleeding into a glass bubble and then pouring it into the airbrush. .
   Well, that's basically all, any criticism, sneakers will only benefit.
   Enjoy watching.