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published 2019-03-14
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SKIF 1:35
Aleksandr Novikov
aka Михалыч 59
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Один из возможных способов улучшить модель.
   Hello, fellow modelers.
   I bring to your attention the model of the t-80UD "Birch" tank of early releases from SKIF No. 201.
   The model was bought and assembled 8 years ago and that's just time to finalize and paint.
   Put the cover on the gun mask, replaced the smoke grenade launchers, redesigned brackets for grenade launchers, replaced the boxes (3 PCs.) for ammunition, manufactured wiring for the moonlight, for grenade launchers, for the lantern and the size of the top of the tower, redesigned mounting hatches, put rymy, made an embrasure for a paired machine gun, the machine gun, the lever mechanism from the gun to the headlight- the moon, made a mount for the Spare box to the right of the tower, on the tube, OPVT produced covers, redid the turret and the machine gun, redid the breach for the gunner's sight, used the etched parts from the kit, produced from a wire loop on the back side of the tower, produced the antenna, welds, fasteners.
   Replaced Bonki on the front upper and lower leaves, and replaced the shovel, made a hatch on the bottom aft, altered front and rear wings, made the swage line on the shelves, all wiring, wire, fencing headlight wire 0,4 mm, produced a 5-th marker lamp, Stoch screens top and bottom, set the beep sound made the latch for the hatch m/driver, redid the exhaust system, made the mounts for the tanks, log out of twigs + fasteners, replaced the tow hooks + welds, redid the entire chassis: rocker, axle, put trucks from the They replaced all the lights, barrels redone, made a mount for cables, tripping on the screens of wire, used the etched parts from the kit.
   Painted with paints from Tamiya, AKAN, chemistry from WILDER, pigments MIG.
   I want to say very kind words to my friends-modelers, who in fact helped me to remake this model to another level:
   Oleg Gubarev (Donetsk region) – information support, photos, tips, instructions. THANK you!
   Oleg Babichev (GLOBASTER) from Astrakhan – immediately responded to my request and gave me the truck. THANK you!
   Evgeny Kislov from Chelyabinsk-helped pick the missing or Zap. replacement parts. THANK you!
   I invite you to view, as always – everything in close-up.
   Your Alexander (Mikhalych).