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2019-11-01    Очередной 17-й виртуальный конкурс стендовых моделей DiSHow-2019 стартовал.

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Всем удачи!
published 2019-03-21
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Zvezda 1:48
Vladislav Pokrovsky
aka vladnic
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   Greetings to all members of the forum.
   After more than a decade break, something pulled me back to work ... Walking before the new year in the shopping center, I heard an ad for a model store, decided to stop by and ... fell back into the past, could not resist and bought a beautiful box with YAK from "Zvezda ", there was immediately etched on this model. I was pleasantly surprised that in Sevastopol they mastered this production ... At one time, ABER was a flight of imagination and a dream. And here, for quite acceptable money, our domestic persecution ... We also purchased a set of masks for a flashlight, and a lifetime supply of decals for the whole squadron of Yaks from Begemot. Separately, I was pleased with the presence of AKAN, my favorite paints in my time. By the way, for such a long time, the guys didn’t even tune the tubes ... But the quality remained the same, which could not fail to please.
   In general, during the month I picked the plane. Very pleased with the quality of the model itself. "Star" is not recognized. I almost never used putty ... I painted the model with Tamia and Akan, washes and filters, oil paint domestic, pigments from Miguel Jimenez.
   I modified the niche of the chassis a bit, put the machine gun mpsh-20 into the cock, made the PITO tube in the wing, finished the radio station behind the pilot’s head, pulled the antenna ... her visually. A little later I will finish the "soldiers" on the wings (mechanical indexes of the landing gear removal).
   The model collected for the soul, did not pretend to the exclusive authenticity of the original, so do not judge strictly.