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published 2019-05-20
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Zvezda 1:35
Sergej Voronov
aka Artist_serg
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   Decided to try the African motive and try to portray undermining and consequences a small fire. Originally wanted with the fire and smoke, but yet to clear his image is not Mature enough, and make a ball of cotton wool would not. According to the idea of the explosion was ahead of the right, so tore off the front sheet, and the gusli was torn. The crew made everything that could, by removing the main armament.
   Of course, Svetlovsky hanomag 251 still the same model to build... long lie under the hand, found a use for it. The car was not intended for Africa, so the main color is still gray, but with yellow applied to it, which eventually erased.
   The basis of gypsum, where the dunes are well smoothed. Funnel - he same, on the edges of the the pieces plaster and ground coffee. For sand coffee is too big, and for dry earth or clay is the most.