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2019-11-01    Очередной 17-й виртуальный конкурс стендовых моделей DiSHow-2019 стартовал.

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вторник-пятница - конкурсные работы;
суббота-воскресенье - свободные дни.

В зависимости от количества заявленных на конкурс работ график может меняться. Большая просьба авторам внимательно следить за публикацией своих работ и проверять номинацию опубликованных работ. При возникновении вопросов немедленно обращайтесь в администрацию.

Всем удачи!
published 2019-05-20
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Zvezda 1:35
Aleksandr Novikov
aka Михалыч 59
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   Hello, fellow modelers.
   I offer a model of the tank from the "Stars" No. 3573. The model stood on the shelf is not painted 8 years and that's just decided to modify and paint.
   1. Reduced clearance.
   2. Moved the third dynamic protection to the second.
   3. Replaced the headlights 3 pieces.
   4. Fencing of headlights from a wire of 0,4 mm.
   5. The grid on the MTO from the "World of models".
   6. Did the wiring to grenade launchers, to two lights on the tower, clearance to fire.
   7. Put a twin machine gun. (Not in the kit.)
   8. Made cables, antenna.
   9. Made the tab on the bottom of the barrel in the form of rings. (No.)
   10. Modified pipe OPVT: pins, nuts from the ends.
   11. Handrail of wire.
   12. On the covers of grenade launchers made the punch.
   13. Drilled machine gun.
   14. Weld.
   15. Scoured the side screens and wings.
   Painted with paints from Tamiya, ZIP, AKAN, Wilder chemistry, MiG pigments.
   The camouflage scheme on the model was applied according to the manufacturer's instructions.
   I invite you to view.