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2019-10-15    Уважаемые коллеги, друзья!

Мы начинаем подготовку к традиционному ежегодному виртуальному конкурсу стендовых моделей на площадке сайта Dishmodels.RU - DiSHow-2019.

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published 2019-05-27
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Rail ballast planner PBR-400R(400)
Самодел 1:25
YUry Sotnikov
aka ulsotnikov
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   Hi guys !!! Well, that's finished this model
   A little about what this unit is for :
   The ballast planner is intended for planning and redistribution of fresh ballast at all types of repair and the current maintenance of the railway track,as well as can be used in its construction
   The ballast scheduler performs the following operations :
   Planning of ballast material across the entire width of the ballast prism to ensure its design profile.Redistribution of excess ballast from the slopes between the tracks or Vice versa,removal of ballast from the upper surface of the sleepers and moving it over the ends of the sleepers.Cleaning clamping rail of the ballast.
   Ballast prism - an element of the upper structure of the track from ballast laid on the roadbed to stabilize the rail-sleeper grid under the influence of dynamic loads of rolling stock
   Ah and now about model :
   Overall dimensions (without stand and path) - length 56cm , width - 10cm , height - 12.5 cm
   Material - drawing paper,cardboard 0.5 , 1 , 1.5 mm
   Paint - automotive paint Motip,Kudo,Avton matte varnish Kudo,paint Tamiya,akan,Vallejo(if correctly written) Painting automotive paints with an airbrush.
   About construction.
   Model Slovatskaya developer WanRayen models. one model of this development is already a walking excavator A-81 turned into a homemade.
   Things were even worse with the planner.Before there were attempts to find the old as began to creep into doubt,the information a couple of pictures.It gave the option scheduler PBR-400R , BUT !!!!!! on 400R is hotchacha the old and comparing the development I realized that the development of very very vaguely reminiscent of the 400R , but the 400 without the character development more like.Therefore, it was decided to approach the PBR-400 decals under 400 were adjusted
   Still model percentiles 100% whether I scans with no luck,then the printer is perverted,but the first printing of convergence or WHAT.
   Past full perecherkivaet had several pictures remodel and add some nodes would have made the chassis , gearbox,axle gearboxes,driveshafts and new brakes,hydraulics added some items in the booth of the machinist.
   The decals went not very well I admit, some of the pictures visible substrate.
   For myself I can say that I believe that I have turned homemade.
   The model was launched in January 2018,but sent to korobku where I stayed for a year.In mid-March 2019, the construction was continued.
   The total time spent on redrawing,alterations, and finishing almost half a year.
   Enjoy the show.
   With respect.