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2019-11-01    Очередной 17-й виртуальный конкурс стендовых моделей DiSHow-2019 стартовал.

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Всем удачи!
published 2019-06-13
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Е-100 Heavy Tank Nachtjager
Dragon 1:35
Gennady Potapov
aka KwK
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Spring 1945.
Soviet troops are rushing to Berlin. German industry puts on the course of all that is at hand. On the E-100, an experienced Maybach HL 232 engine is installed with a boost from an auxiliary 2 - cylinder HL 10 engine that gave out more than 1000 HP. the Tower is one of three made for Maus tanks. E-100, along with other tanks sent to Hungary,where the 3rd Panzer division of the SS "Totenkopf" under the blows of the red army retreats to Austria.
    Hello and good mood. This is my first job on this site.
    In work were used: met. gun barrel and machine gun as well as accurate antenna and antenna input from RB Models. Plug pistol port from a set of photo-etched on the VK 4502 (P). Many elements of CT from Meng. Tube set VK 3002 (DB) from Amusing.
    Improvements on plastic is not great: increased plate VFD, moved the mounting of the screens in the front, patched machine-gun nests on the tower, said air vent. lattices'.
    Primer and Tamiya paint. Finish varnish from AC ultra-Matt. Pigments, oil and chemicals from different manufacturers.
    The e-100 models by Victor Yakovchuk aka vicktor and Jagdpanzer T-100 "Krokodil" by Oishi from the Weather magazine 1945 served as an example for their work. I think Victor's work is one of the best, I'm sorry.