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опубликовано 2019-07-15
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Sd.Kfz.8 ZgKw 12to
Trumpeter 1:35
Roland Sorgner
aka major
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 просмотр фото в режиме "lightbox"
large half-track built by Daimler-Benz, Krupp, Krauss-Maffei, Skoda
   The Sd.Kfz.8 was a German half-track that saw widespread use in World War II. Its main roles were as a prime mover for heavy towed guns such as the 21 cm mortar 18, the 15 cm Kanone 18 and the 10.5 cm FlaK 38, however it was also capable of serving as an infantry transport. Approximately 4,000 were produced between 1938 and 1945. It was used in every campaign fought by the Germans in World War II. The reason why I've built this vehicle was that in summer 2018 a main frame of such a Sd.Kfz.8 was found in a bridge construction where it's last here since 1945 and were in phantastic condition so that it will now used for an restauration project. I was involved in the selling of that frame and the new owner is very happy about