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2019-12-10    Внимание. До конца следующей недели возможна нерегулярность в новостных выпусках.
published 2019-07-15
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38D 280mm Sturmm?rse
Amusing Hobby 1:35
Ilya KHodyrev
aka Murd0c
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   Good day!
   I got this unit collected in the trash, ready for painting, almost. I ripped off everything I could. A whole bunch of replaced, something finalized, something as it is. Color arbitrary - as desired. In general, the same as the machine itself. Cut off from the case an imitation of fasteners for something. He bent them out of the wire, using 4 protractors, a ruler and a bale for etching.
   Acrylic paint AK, camo acrylic AK, oil 502, MIG remover and filters, ZIP and MIG pigments.
   In the work used:
   - Amusing Hobby 35A009 38D 280mm Sturmm?rse
   - caterpillars Friulmodel ATL-13
   - rollers Academy and SKP model
   - Masterclub bolts
   - plastic and Evergreen rods
   - photo etched corrugated floor Voyagermodel
   - photo etching for E.T.Model jack bar
   - Tamiya headlight
   - shovel, ax and ram Dragon
   - tool attachment photo etching Griffon Model
   - cable Eureka XXL
   - apples and potatoes overflowing someone's tar
   Enjoy watching!