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2020-02-26    Открыты последние два финальных голосования в фигурно-диорамных номинациях, завершающие зрительские голосования конкурса DiShow-2019.
Голосовалки здесь.

2020-02-19    Определились очередные призеры по итогам зрительских голосований. Смотреть здесь.
published 2019-09-02
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Т-35А soviet heavy tank
Zvezda 1:72
Andrej Alekseev
aka Kamchatka
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   Very good model!
   It represents a classical T-35A, 1936 year of production, with classical markings of red-and-white stripes.
   Overall details is very good, especially track-links, turning them around idlers and driving wheels, i have lots of fun.
   Minor except was 45 mm guns and MG-barrels. So i changed 20-K gun barrels for turned aluminium ones, and used MiniWorld DT-machinegun barrels for turrets MG-installations. Surpraisingly, anty-aircraft MG is very good.
   On a last photo you can see two Big Green Dragons - one with three heads, and another one five headed.