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2019-10-15    Уважаемые коллеги, друзья!

Мы начинаем подготовку к традиционному ежегодному виртуальному конкурсу стендовых моделей на площадке сайта Dishmodels.RU - DiSHow-2019.

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published 2019-08-05
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Amusing Hobby 1:35
Gennady Potapov
aka KwK
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Prototype medium tank from Daimler-Benz.
   I present my extreme work. In the Assembly of the body is not any complaints but the caterpillars, though conceived by workers, fall apart if they are not glued. Added locks entrenching tools, wire rope, and has issued a casting on the mantlet, exhaust pipes and air intakes on MTO. The model presented in the image of the 52nd tank battalion of the 5th company, Kursk bulge, the beginning of the operation. Painted Tamia, ultimately Polish AK, Jamie from AK.