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2020-02-19    Определились очередные призеры по итогам зрительских голосований. Смотреть здесь.

Открыты 3 финальных голосования в фигурно-диорамных номинациях. До завершения зрительских голосований осталось немного. Ждем итогов голосований 2-го тура в фигурах и минидиорамах, а затем два финала.
Голосовалки здесь.
published 2019-09-09
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The first Soviet tractor "Zaporozhets"
scratchbuild 1:12
YUry Sotnikov
aka ulsotnikov
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   So, the development model of Vyacheslav Melnikov, the initial development on a scale of 1/25, but due to vision problems, I asked Vyacheslav to transfer to the 16th scale, but because of the workload, Vyacheslav said it was easier for him to simply double that is, to a scale of 1 / 12.5.
   The construction for me was interesting in terms of detailing, everything was worked out very much
   , I had to draw a lot. Not of course everything turned out as it should in terms of quality, but I did all the detailing that Vyacheslav gave.
   Material - drawing paper, office paper, plastic rods and tubes
   Painting - car paints with an airbrush
   Slippers and other shoes are welcome.
   Enjoy watching