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published 2019-09-30
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Panther D (Early/Stadtgas) Eisenach 1944
Zvezda 1:35
Oleg Lebedev
aka Lebedew
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    Greetings to all Friends and Colleagues!
   I present to your attention the Panther of early modification on liquefied gas.
   This machine was part of the tank school in Eisenach for driving training mechanics-drivers. The purpose of installation of the gas equipment was economy of expensive gasoline. Such equipment was installed on many versions of German equipment, even tigers.
   In my case model collective character, carried out as combat commanding unit. I think that when the knock of the cylinders on the body of the car would have not broke, the crew would have received a concussion, but that God knows.
   When creating this work, I decided to support the domestic manufacturer for the first time. Set of Stars is not bad, but of course it had to be upgraded, as the study of the details leaves much to be desired. Bala naturally replaced kom tower, cleaned up the bolts with the rollers, replaced the handle on the rear of the turret and armor fan, replaced with armor arrow on the front armor, side mount entrenching tool is supplied in the correct places and trivia. Ideally need to replace the entire tower as the issue and the gun mantlet is also on the back of the stove, but decided to leave it
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