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2020-02-17    Открыты голосования 2-го тура в фигурно-диорамных номинациях. Напоминаем что заканчиваются финальные голосования по номинациям БТТ и транспортной технике.
Голосовалки здесь.
published 2020-01-22
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Brig "Mercury"
Amati 1:64
Igor KHaritonenko
aka Kapitan
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Model of the legendary brig "Mercury".
   About the history of this ship makes no sense to write all know her well. Great ship, great feat. A few words about the construction. It is easier to write what is left of the set than to list what is redone. There remained the body of the spatula, which was filled with Linden for strength. Copper plating, aged patina, blanks for the mast. Etching which at "a mati"at height. Carriages for carronades. That's probably all . The rest was either ordered or made by me. The construction lasted about 3 years. Hull plating black hornbeam, Gutermann thread rigging, carronades and anchors D. Shevelev, etc. In the Russian championship on bench ship modeling in Moscow 2019, the second place with a total of 92.0 points. At the all-Russian competitions "Tsemesskaya Bay Cup" in 2019, Novorossiysk took first place with a total of 91.66 points. To do this, the model had to be equipped with a showcase.