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2020-02-19    Определились очередные призеры по итогам зрительских голосований. Смотреть здесь.

Открыты 3 финальных голосования в фигурно-диорамных номинациях. До завершения зрительских голосований осталось немного. Ждем итогов голосований 2-го тура в фигурах и минидиорамах, а затем два финала.
Голосовалки здесь.
published 2020-01-28
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Драгон, Звезда, Тамия, Сталинград 1:35
Sergej Voronov
aka Artist_serg
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   Good day!
   The diorama is dedicated to the first days of the war; regular units of the second echelon cross the USSR border.
   The prototype was a real photograph (in the appendix last). I made a number of simplifications; instead of a regimental cannon, I used a mallet and even horse drawn traction. Well, vryatli who will argue that this could be, there is a photo where it is towed on a sleigh.
   Basis - chipboard, tea, coffee, PVA, some river sand, flax, in some places moss.
   The infantry on the march is a set from Dragon, the cabman is an infantryman from Stalingrad. I had to hang the straps on gas masks, weapons, other ammunition.
   Tamiya took the front end and horses from the field kitchen, the inventory from above was home-made. I finished a lot, loops, ropes from a cart to horses - threads from tea bags, harness and equipment for horses - plastic sheet and wire (the one in the kit is complete nonsense), a chain from a small link chain, tail and mane - linen, spokes on wheels filed a little in thickness and shape.
   The gun from the Star pak 36 is generally good, unfortunately I could not find the le.IG.18 regimental gun on sale at the time of assembly.
   A polystyrene border column, plus foil for applying the coat of arms, the coat of arms squeezed out the needle with a reverse side and partially an impression of a 1 coin.
   Acrylic painting Mr.hobby, model color
   I enjoyed working, almost 40% of the time was spent on horse equipment.
   In the next series of border dioramas I want to balance with a new job, where our border guard puts the downed pole back.