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опубликовано 2020-05-14
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British Heavy Tank FV 214 'Conqueror II '
Amusing Hobby 1:35
Roland Sorgner
aka major
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what a monster ...
   The FV 214 Conqueror was developed as a response to the Soviet Joseph Stalin IS-3 heavy tanks and should have act as a long range anti-tank support for the Centurion tanks. The new, larger-calibre gun design was American, the same as used on the US
   M103 heavy tank with separate charge and projectile. The charge was not bagged but in a brass cartridge, which offered some safety advantages, but reduced shell capacity to 35. The armour was very heavy for the time, especially in the front, where it
   was 178 mm in the horizontal plane. Engine was a 810 hp Rolls-Royce Meteor M120. !85 Conquerors was built and stood in the British inventory till the end of the 60'