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published 2020-05-02
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Civil Opel
ICM 1:35
Sergej Gorlov
aka Nikitok_54
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   Good day, ladies and gentlemen Modelers!
   Let me introduce you to my first model after a break in modeling.
   So, Opel 1.5 tons, from the company ICM, is quite good. Complemented by etching from the PART. The weak point of the model is the wheels! Both wheels and tires. Tires replaced on the resin from the Kit and Masterclub. I saw the spare wheel mounting on the Net. Elf headlights with German glasses. Made "working" doors and removable hood.
   It was painted with both Tamiya and Hansa. Both enamels and acrylics. Chemistry from Tamiya and MIG. Pigments from ZIP Market.
   This is a collective image of a civilian truck in post-war Germany. Without an address. Some German city, evening... The driver has already taken everything and everyone to the right place. Washed the car, swept the body and sits in the bar for a glass of beer. A workaholic Opalek asleep in the Parking lot...
   Sincerely, Sergey.