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published 2020-05-02
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Aleppo on fire
Evolution Miniatures 1:35
Aleksandr Romanov
aka Александр Романов
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   Greetings, dear hobby colleagues!
   More than two years have passed since I started one of the most difficult projects in my practice. The plot is well-known events in Syria. The diorama depicts urban fighting in the city of Aleppo. Many elements were made independently. In this work, I tried to pay special attention to trifles. You can learn more about the work done by following the links: and
   Figures from Evolution Miniatures were used in the work (painted with paints from Vallejo, Star, Ammo Mig)
   Trumpeter T-62 tank (various dopas from Voyadger, ET Model, Elf, Friulmodel)
   Oak stand from Albert Nikolaev.
   The building, interior / exterior elements with few exceptions, are completely home-made.