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published 2020-05-08
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T-34/76 STZ. The rebirth of the hero.
Zvezda 1:35
Gennady Zavrazhnev
aka ученик
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   Friends, hello everyone !!!
    I present to you the first work dedicated to the legendary T-34/76 STZ tank raised from the bottom of the Don River.
    For modeling, I used the T-34/76 model from the Star. For this work, it fits quite well. No materiel, but the art part comes first.
   A swimmer is a wonderful figure from ANT-miniatures with upgrades, without it in any way.
    Another work with resin. Almost without errors already, but still, when pouring the lower soil layer I used cheap EPD resin, and it boiled such crap. I almost died when overheating and deformation of the form began. I had to urgently cool with cold water.But he managed to save form and diorama in the literal sense. The second mistake was when pouring a second thick layer, the top one. The lower intermediate layer, as I thought, was already ready, but it did not grasp enough, and there was a deformation from the weight of the resin, but as a result, after drying it is almost invisible and does not spoil the overall picture. I did not intentionally tint the resin. There was a fear of not matching colors later. The conclusion was made: it is better to fill in with one layer, you can fearlessly tint. Incidentally, in this work, I still poured resin into the fighters. It turned out very well.
   I photographed the work in two stages. First, a photo without resin, then with resin. Whoever likes it for every taste and color. I liked such photos and such. A photo without resin can creep on all sides, so to speak, which you cannot do with resin. In the last three photos, the final pie with candy ...
    Color TAMIYA, pigments WILDER. Toning AK.
    I do as I can, but I always try better! ..