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published 2020-05-08
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T-34/76 STZ. The rebirth of the hero. Continued ...
Zvezda 1:35
Gennady Zavrazhnev
aka ученик
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   Friends, hello everyone !!!
    Working with the model of the T-34/76 STZ tank did not reassure me, therefore, having looked at the photos of how the hero was pulled out of the Don River, I could not resist and continued the topic. I did not find men with bare belts and used figures more or less suitable for the plot.
    The T-34/76 model was used from the Star and redistribution of the finest did not require, but made a very similar copy of the previous model.
   TRUMPETER’s new BREM-1 season, almost like Black Cuttlefish tango! A fine set with very decent detail. Almost no complaints about copying, but this time my task was not to include the maximum configuration, as The model was intended for diorama. So almost! from karopka. Replacement of tracks on MS, cables from Model Gun. A cable that is very thin with a set and does not fit at all for this model ... In general, collectors will enjoy assembly and a wonderful model in a piggy bank !!!
    When modeling, I used the remains of VOYAGER photo-etching, Microdesign, brass, wire and tubes of various diameters. Truck Master Club. Color TAMIYA, pigments WILDER. Toning AK. Figures Armor 35, Stalingrad, MV.
   The river was poured with resin even before the previous work with combat swimmers, now I would use another resin for thick fillings, then it would be possible to see the bottom of the river and the fish that I launched. But in the end it didn’t work out. He did not leave the river in a calm state and made a wave with an average breeze.
    I do as I can, but I always try better! ..