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published 2020-05-08
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T-34/76 STZ. The rebirth of the hero ... Postscript ...
Dragon 1:35
Gennady Zavrazhnev
aka ученик
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   Friends, hello everyone !!!
    I present to you the model of the T-34/76 STZ tank, raised from the bottom of the Don river, and subsequently presented at the ARMY-2016 forum in the Patriot park. This is the only machine preserved in its original form without restoration and design changes. My goal and task was to make the maximum copy of this tank in the form in which it was presented in the Patriot Park.
   For work, I used the basic set from Dragon. The set, of course, is not suitable for this modification, but I didn’t want to take another, it makes sense to remake this particular set, in addition, Dragon has as usual a lot of details for various modifications. I also bought a set of towers from the T-34 from the Layout because of one tiny detail, a viewing device on the tower characteristic of the T-34 STZ of this modification. And what do you think? When I opened the kit, this gate was not in the box! I had to solder myself, I coped with the task using photos of a real tank.
   In the arsenal there were a lot of photos of the tank from the Patriot park, and then, step by step, I tried to fully reproduce the tank in the form that it is in real life. In any case, from what I could discern.
   But I did not completely cope with the coloring of the model. Make it as the original did not work. Using the stripping technique in this case does not fully work. The top layer of the base paint of the tank had to be sprayed onto the mica surface, and then, removing the cracked paint, applied to the model. The whole point of the difficulty was that the paint was electrified and did not want, the infection, to cling to the brush, but I did something. It turned out as it is now.
    The rollers had to be completely replaced with a Miniarm, as more than others came up, while the front roller had to drill a little holes, making as on the original. In the simulation, I also used VOYAGER photo etching, Microdesign, brass, wire and tubes of various diameters. Truck Master Club. Color TAMIYA, pigments WILDER. Toning AK.
   Thank you very much for the information and links to photographs on the materiel Valery Strelkov.
    I do as I can, but I always try better! ..