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published 2020-05-08
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Zvezda 1:35
Dmitry Ukryukov
aka Northfox
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Eternal memory of those who died in the battles for the freedom and independence of our Motherland
   I present to my colleagues the parade version of the SU-100 self-propelled artillery system that took part in the Victory parades on red square in 1985, 2010 and 2015.
   The following modifications were made to the model:
   1. the Support rollers were replaced with post-war ones.
   2. Handrails are made of 0.6 mm wire.
   3. Added missing weld seams.
   4. the Antenna input was moved to the roof of the wheelhouse.
   5.the brackets for smoke bombs and bonkers for the stove were removed from the VCD.
   6. on the roof of the MTO made Bonki for mounting brackets of smoke bombs and moved to the stern of the handrails.
   7. Installed characteristic for the front of cars Parking lights on VLD and HCC.
   8. a headlight and socket are installed On the roof of the wheelhouse.
   9. Redesigned the sound signal.
   10. at the stern of the cabin, a frame is made of sheet plastic for attaching the pump and the gun's knurler.
   11. on the sides of the cabin, attachments for shovels and a fuel pump box were added.
   12. Spare fuel tanks were from tamievskaya ISU-152, because the Zvezda made their side walls too concave. Handles and welds were added to the tanks, as well as filler necks were moved to the ends.
   The model was painted with AK Real Colors and Tamiya acrylics (light presheading, then base). Humbroll and Mr. Metal Color polishes were used to paint the rollers and tracks. Flushing-MiG.
   For various reasons, it was not possible to print the decals drawn specifically for this project, so we had to use the numbers and signs of the Guard from the stash. Because of this, their exchanges are slightly different from real self-propelled guns.
   When building the model, we used:
   Chiseled barrel-Model Gun
   Two sets of photo etching (base and overhanging shelves) - Microdesign.
   Marker lights-SPM,
   Support rollers-Miniart
   The tracks are resin from MasterClub
   Antenna-Magic Models
   With respect.