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published 2020-06-11
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Tank T-34/76 "Vorotynskaya Kolkhoznitsa" №112 factory "Krasnoe Sormovo", mod. be
Dragon 1:35
YUvenaly TSvetkov
aka Ювеналий
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   Tank column "Vorotynskaya Kolkhoznitsa". January 29, 1943 in the village of Vorotynce (Gorky region) held a meeting of the wives of front-line soldiers. About two hundred women came from all the villages and settlements of the district. They were discussing comrade's thank-you telegram. Stalin to the Gorky collective farmers for helping the red Army in the fight against German fascism. In a reply letter, they wrote:"...Love for the Motherland and hatred for the enemy make us look for new and new ways to help the front." Women of vorotynsky district collected and sent 16,400 warm clothes, 12 thousand gifts for dear defenders. "At the call of the wife of a veteran Muscovite Alexandra Smirnova, we collected 2 million 400 thousand rubles. We ask you to use the funds we have collected to build a tank column "Vorotynskaya Kolkhoznitsa". 35 thousand rubles were donated by the collective farmer Abramova from Kstovo, N. p. saulova contributed 28 thousand rubles, 18 thousand each were made by T. Golubeva, N. A. Kozina, A. I. Kholina, V. Bychkova.
   The delegation from the wives of front-line soldiers ordered 10 tanks. Handing over combat vehicles to the tankers of the 2nd guards tank corps, V. Bychkova, the Chairman of the Voroshilov collective farm, said on behalf of the women of the district: "Dear comrades! Each of these machines embodies the boundless love of the collective farmers of the vorotynsky district for their Homeland, the valiant red Army. Let these terrible tanks mercilessly smash and destroy the fascist evil spirits."
   Combat vehicles built at the expense of agricultural workers of vorotynsky district participated in the battles on the Kursk bulge, near Belgorod and Kharkiv. Their crews bravely smashed the fascists. For example, the crew of Lieutenant Taran in the first battle broke about 20 cars and one gun. St. Lieutenant Morozov and his fighting friends knocked out 3 tanks, the crew of Lieutenant Vorebok on his car crushed the enemy's gun, destroyed the tank and several dozen Hitlerites. The crews of other tanks also distinguished themselves in the battles.
   Photos of this tank have not been preserved. The model was made on the samples of the Gorky plant # 112 "Krasnoe Sormovo" tank produced in early 1943. The tank was assembled from a set using photo-etched details and additions: a chiseled turret barrel and a machine gun gun; a resin mask of a machine gun gun; an individual decal. Figure of a boy from the set of MasterBox "Villagers". Stand homemade.