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published 2020-06-20
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Tank T-34/85 " On Parade!"
Zvezda 1:35
YUvenaly TSvetkov
aka Ювеналий
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   The legendary Victory tank-T-34/85 mod. 1944. The idea and desire to make the T-34/85 in the parade version has always been there, since it is my favorite tank since childhood. The construction used sets of the company "Zvezda": the t-34/85 Tank; the driver Mechanic-a set of "Soviet tankers"; the tank Commander from the set - "Russian modern tankers in full uniform". The base of the work is made of Styrofoam with an imitation of paving stones. The banner is made of food-grade thick foil and toothpicks. The sign "Guard" is taken from the set "ZIS-5B". For the tank, figures and banner used 759 primer primer company AK Interactive. Paint for the tank used Mr. Hobby 511 "4BO", and for figures and banner paint Pacific. The wash was made by myself from artistic oil paints and Tikkurila white spirit. I used glossy and Matt lacquer from Tamiya. The paving stones are painted using artistic acrylic paints and watercolor pencils.