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published 2020-06-20
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Tank T-34/76 "Pavlovsky kolkhoznik", Factory Number 112 "Krasnoe Sormovo"
Modelist 1:35
YUvenaly TSvetkov
aka Ювеналий
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   Residents of the Pavlovsky district donated money for the production of military equipment for the red army. On the initiative of the residents of the village. Ababkovo in March 1942, funds were raised for the construction of a tank column "Pavlovsky kolkhoznik" (we know exactly about two tanks). On April 7, 1942, the t-34 tank was officially handed over to the crew in Pavlovo.
   The Pavlovsky kolkhoznik tank fought in Karelia, on the Northern front, and in 1944 was transferred to the I Ukrainian front, where it fought in Poland and Eastern Germany. The battle path of the tank "Pavlovsky kolkhoznik" ended on March 28, 1945, when it was shot down in the battle for the German city of Steinau.