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2020-07-27    Международная онлайн-выставка "МИНИ-МАКС. Дороги Победы-2020" завершена. Благодарим всех участников. Диплом участника можно скачать здесь. До новых встреч.
published 2020-07-08
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Austin Mk.IV armored car
Master Box 1:72
Andrej Alekseev
aka Kamchatka
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   Austin Mk.IV, used by "Whites", concretely, by Military Forces of South of Russia, commanded by general Denikin. Car was widely used, and was abandoned in Novorossiysk at march of 1920 and than captured by "Reds", leaded by legendary Komandarm (Army Commander) Budyonny.
   Last photo in this set is about process of making this Guy and his Cousin, "Austin-Putilov". I hope, you know, whose figure is depicted in front of cars.